Quality Policy
C.H. FLOROS SA has established and maintains Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, which standardizes its production processes to ensure high quality products and outstanding company presence on the domestic and international market where it is targeted to identify and cover the requirements and needs of its customers.
In this framework the company’s management:
  • monitors and observes the applicable legislation, both in relation to its operation and in relation to its products
  • strives to maintain and increase market shares and business results by designing new products and investments
  • identifies the core processes and organization of the company, sets annual Quality objectives and controls the effectiveness of the System and the individual processes being implemented
  • guarantees the confidentiality and protection of its clients' personal and business data
  • provides all the resources required for the smooth, uninterrupted and efficient operation of the Quality System and company in general, applies modern methods of internal communication
  • organizes and manages business with trained staff, regardless of nationality, gender, other individual peculiarities (PEAs) or sexual orientation, who has a legitimate right to work in the country prior to recruitment. Slavery, forced and child labor are not acceptable. It implements training and evaluation programs for employees as well as measurement of employees satisfaction regarding the working environment and its operation, supporting their active participation in the improvement process
  • records and evaluates the customer’s correspondence in operation and its products and employees, in the implementation of the Quality System
  • is particularly sensitive to staff’s health and safety issues by ensuring a technologically “sound and safe” work environment
  • effectively manages crises and emergencies, in such a way to ensure as far as possible the safety and health of employees, the products quality and the appropriate functioning of the company
  • supports, evaluates, promotes and rewards the improvement proposals made by employees while at the same time looks forward to and adopts the principles of continuous development as a means of maintaining company’s sustainability and competitiveness.
  • all employees are responsible for the implementation of  Quality Policy, together with the Quality Manager.
Quality management system ISO 9001
To Floros fine shading providing products of unsurpassed quality and high standard solutions is critical, therefore the certification of its processes is of utmost priority. All shading systems are designed, developed, tested and then certified by recognized institutes and international organizations.
For the design, production and sale of shading systems and components, Floros fine shading applies a quality management system (QMS) in accordance with the internationally recognized standard EN ISO 9001/2008. The
  1. provides products with stable and defined characteristics, i.e. satisfies specific and established requirements and specifications.
  2. has the necessary technical and operational capacity on matters of organization, resources and human resources, so as to successfully manage all phases of the production cycle.
Furthermore, the quality management system ISO 9001 can be an extremely useful tool for the company that implements it, since it ensures the continuous improvement and upgrading of its processes, through the implementation of the necessary methodology. Based on the application of objective mechanisms of monitoring and measurement, it allows it to systematically monitor the degree of satisfaction of the requirements of its customers. 

- Click here  to download the ISO 9001 (PDF)
Standard and CE marking
Another standard that is already held by Floros fine shading and which ensures the quality and safety of its products (awnings, pergolas, fabrics etc) is CE. The CE marking indicates that the product has been evaluated before being offered to the market and that it meets the requirements of the European Union (EE) for safety, public health and environmental protection. It certifies that it meets all legal requirements necessary for the CE marking and therefore can be sold throughout the European Economic Area (EEA), i.e. the EU Member States and the countries of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). 

- Click Here   to download the CE marking (PDF)
The next goal is international awards ...
The constant search for innovative shading systems and the pursuit of distinction and recognition at the global level are essential and enduring goals of Floros fine shading. Currently, in the context of its modernization and increasing market share, especially abroad (in existing and new markets) it is designing two new products while aiming at obtaining international awards for innovation, design and beyond. These are two shading systems that will stand out for their innovative concept and generally their design philosophy, the degree of innovation of the solution offered, and their quality, functionality and ecological compatibility. Able to claim and conquer awards with worldwide prestige, helping to further establish itself in the international market, but also to strengthen the extroversion of Greek products.