Why choosing Floros fine shading
1. 35 Years of experience - Extroversion
Experience is our quality guarantee, which combines the suggestion of practical and modern solutions in the field of shading systems, always accompanied with high-level environmental consciousness. Within these 35 years, we have attracted thousands of satisfied customers and expanded our sales network-both domestic and abroad. Further expansion to the international market is our long-term goal.

2. Compliance with Production and Safety Regulations
All our complete systems hold the famous CE mark, which is acquired after continuous endurance tests for maximum safety. Every process that takes place in our production unit is based on the international ISO standards.

3. International Partnerships
Full commitment to quality results is reflected in our partnerships, chosen amongst the top suppliers inside and beyond Greek borders, such as PARA, ACHILLES, ETEM, PRATIC, SOMFY and AKZO NOBEL.
4. Design - Innovation
The cornerstone of Floros Fine Shading philosophy is the implementation of its main objectives, which are natural solutions for humans and friendly solutions for the environment. Special design and innovation are at the forefront of all our activities combining the best aesthetic result with maximum functionality.
5. Production Unit - Customized Solutions
In our proprietary, established in an area of 10.000 sq. m. where the most contemporary equipment is placed, are daily carried all the necessary operations, in order to guarantee the best result on all ready shading systems that are manufactured from Floros Fine Shading, always customized to our customers’ needs. Furthermore, we produce all kinds of awning accessories and parts, focusing on quality and based on their excellent usability.
6. Human Resources
Our sixty-membered staff consists of highly-trained and technically qualified workforce team and is possessed by a “family” spirit, as all its members share the same vision and common goals for progress and development of Floros fine shading company.