Company profile
Floros fine shading company is a purely Greek family business founded in 1979, aiming to provide natural shade and protection to any building, house or workplace, to every human being. Today, it is the only and most modern, fully integrated, manufacturing plant in the shade and sun protection industry in Greece. For two generations it has been manufacturing parts, awnings and shading systems with high expertise and drawing on years of experience. It covers every step of development from the design, manufacturing and assembling, up to the sale and maintenance, providing natural and always environmentally friendly shading solutions. Reliable, functional, durable and elegant, capable of satisfying even the most difficult applications, it also showcases the exterior of each building.
In the domestic and international market, Floros fine shading has established itself as a producer and supplier of high quality products, which are strictly produced in Greece, using high quality raw materials from renowned Greek and European suppliers. Accompanied with certifications and recognized international firms and organizations, it also has special characteristics, properties and features (such as automation, remote control, etc.) that can be adapted to every need and personal style. An important fact, that demonstrates the unsurpassed quality of its products Floros Fine Shading, is the selection for the protection of marbles of Parthenon, during the maintenance period on the sacred rock of Acropolis.
Today, Floros fine shading dominates the Greek shading systems market and is considered to be a pioneer in providing smart and effective solutions, while it has also established a reputation beyond the Greek borders. Represented throughout Greece,  Cyprus, Balkans, Russia, China and Canada, but also in many countries around the world, directly or through dealers. Besides a fully vertically integrated production unit, it is also a commercial company that has the exclusive supply of the awning fabrics Paradise Eco-plus, Solar-Line and Tempotest of the Italian firm Para. It also sells transparent film with the signature of the Japanese firm Achilles, motors and the Kinetic automation systems of the Italian ASA, belonging to the group of companies Somfy. The ability of Floros fine shading for continuous innovation and the systematic expansion of its product portfolio, combined with the complete satisfaction of its customers, create the appropriate conditions for further development of offshore activities. 
The ability to produce shading systems, tailored to even the most demanding requirements (custom), which at the same time are characterized by unparalleled quality and unique aesthetics, gives Floros fine shading added value. The production facilities are located in an 8 acre industrial area in Aspropyrgos Attica and operate with the most modern equipment. Its headquarters are located in an area of ​​3,500 sq.m. in Tavros (Attica), while its workforce is highly trained and technically knowledgeable. Respect to the final consumer, staff's professionalism, excellent and prompt service are also among the key ingredients that have given Floros fine shading competitive advantage and clear leadership in the shading and sun protection industry.
It was in 1979, when Konstantinos Floros established one of the first Greek companies specializing in the shading industry. Fifteen years later, in 1994,  FLOROS SA company was established. A family business, that aims to become a leader in the market of shading and sun protection, investing in providing innovative  and high quality products.
In 1992, our company obtained an exclusive partnership with the world-renowned Italian firm Para and in 1999 it established the most contemporary sewing facilities in Greece. In 2001, the manufacturing place of Floros fine shading was built in the Industrial Area of Aspropyrgos, while 2004 is the year that an exclusive partnership began with the Japanese giant firm Achilles. In 2005, it developed the production line TUBO, the same year obtains the international ISO certification from TÜV AUSTRIA, while in 2006 it secured the exclusive marketing and distribution of Naizil Plastics. 

In 2009, the market's demand for more specialized services and products tailored to the Greek conditions, leads Floros fine shading to the construction of a modern proprietary foundry capable of producing integrated shading systems, covering every requirement and need. In 2012, testing and controls began, in order to obtain  CE marking, a process that takes place in a specially designed area of ​​the company. 
Floros's fine shading people firmly believe that success derives from the principles on which our efforts are based; from a clear, non-negotiable goal that determines every step, every decision. For Floros Fine Shading, this goal was, is, and always will be:
- Natural solutions for people
- Environmentally friendly solutions
Offering integrated, efficient and reliable solutions that respect humans and care for the environment, contributing to energy savings, are to Floros Fine Shading non-negotiable values. So is constant development and innovation, accountability, honesty, professionalism, but also the guaranteed quality in all its products, from the system and the mechanism to the fabrics and colors.
"Home", as we all consider the production place of Floros fine shading, is the workshop of development and the starting point for its growth. Our human resources research and continuously evolve new systems and shading components, innovative and unique in the broader market, with the design and the quality of materials that are able to compete with the largest foreign production factories. 
All the above summarize the basic philosophy of Floros fine shading, on which we have built partnerships with our suppliers, and our relations with the final consumers. Relationships of trust, which enable us to continuously upgrade our products, drive developments in the field of shading and continue the upward trend in the domestic as well as international market.